Underfloor heating

Copia de vloerverwarmingUnderfloor heating comes closest to what is called the ‘heat balance’ of all heating systems. The balance between body heat and ambient temperature, which we experienced as pleasant. This ideal is achieved by the radiant heat of underfloor heating, which makes the air in the room less heated. A person feel comfortable at an ambient temperature that is approximately 2 °C lower than with other systems. As a result, energy consumption will be about 10% less.


Choose for quality

vloerverwarmingUnderfloor heating has to provide care warranty for years. In concrete, under your precious finish floor, the pipes are difficult to replace in case of calamities. Therefore, beware of cheap offers. At first sight it seems innocent. Ask for warranties and choose branded products like Comap and Igrova-Jet for control units as the heart of your floor heating system. This combination gives you 10 years warranty on pipes and couplings with a consequential damage cover.

Electrical system as an alternative

During renovation it is not always possible to obtain sufficient floor height.  We can give youand alternative, e.g.  an electric floor heating system, this type of underfloor heating is also used in smaller spaces such as bathrooms and similars.

The fact that this alternative is not exclusively for “small spaces”.We recently built in a boat house an electrical floor heating with a total of 180 m2 with a thermal power of 90 kW !!!!