Applied method

Copia de vector4The most widely used ventilation method is the installation of ventilation gratings in the facade or window, combined with a mechanical exhaust system. Hereby, warm air is replaced with cold air. This causes an unpleasant cold air flow.

The choice for a heat recovery unit or WTW realizes comfort and energy saving. New systems,  with a heat recovery unit, discharge contaminated air through the heat exchanger that simultaneously warms from outside air. Through a pipe system, this clean, warmed air is divided into. Energy saving in optimal form.

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The importance of good ventilation

In the past, houses were built in a way which all kinds of air leaks occurred, such as via the wall, floor and roof. Due to the insulation and the improvement of the sealing, the air density of the house increases.

Moisture content in the house
A four-person family produces 14 to 20 liters of moisture per day by breathing, sleeping, cooking, washing, washing dishes, bathing, watering plants, etc .. In addition, many products like textiles, carpets, parquet, newspapers and cigarettes contain harmful substances which can affect health.

Optimized indoor climate through good ventilation
As a result, proper ventilation is absolutely necessary to prevent moisture, fungal and health problems

What should be the fan capacity?
In other words, how much air should the fan be able to move? This, of course, depends on the size and nature of the room to be ventilated. A kitchen requires more ventilation than a living room.

Ventilation means both air outlet and supply!
Where used air is aspirated, sufficient fresh air must be supplied. This is even required for rooms with open gas appliances or geysers.

The best place for the fan and air supply
Always try to place the fan there where the air pollution is greatest. The air supply should be as far away as possible. Only then will you get the most effective flow. By the way, the place is partly determined by the type of fan you choose. For example, a window fan will always be placed in a window and a channel fan on a vent channel. However, the air supply remains valid: as far as possible from the fan. This is logic, because the supply is right next to the fan, the fresh air would disappear immediately.

Don’t give a chance to ventilation problems

It is very important that you turn on the fan before starting cooking, before the visit comes, when you go to the toilet, etc. Do not wait until the problem is there, anticipate  it.

In general, a fan’s suction capacity assumes a number of air changes per hour and the contents of the space to be ventilated.The table indicates the number of so-called ventilation plots for various spaces. Since these values ​​are experience, the ventilation must be chosen for each situation in consultation with a technician. For example, a room that is smoked must be ventilated more often than a room with a smoking ban.

Calculation example
For example, we take a living room of 5.5 x 4 m and 2.60 m high = about 57 m3 of capacity. Based on a 5 hour ventilation of the room’s volume, this means that the fan must have a suction capacity of 5 x 57 m3 = 285 m3 / hour.

Choose for adjustable ventilation so that it can be adapted to the needs, for example, for a changing occupancy of the room. In winter, this reduces heat loss to a minimum.


Ventilation (per hour)

Living rooms 3 – 5
Bedrooms 2 – 3
Basements 3 – 5
Hobby rooms 5 – 7
Kitchens (houses) 10 – 15
Kitchens 8 – 10
Shops 6 – 10
Offices 4 – 8
Canteen en club houses 6 – 8
Cafes 6 – 10
Bars 8 – 15
Restaurants 6 – 8
Meeting rooms 8 – 10
Conference rooms 8 – 10
Hair salons 8 – 12

What is central mechanic ventilation?
Since the late 1970’s, almost all new-build homes in the Netherlands came with an standard central mechanical ventilation system. These systems take care of the bathroom, toilet and kitchen throughout the day.

How does central mechanical ventilation work?
The principle of a central mechanical ventilation system is simple. A “central” fan is placed on or under the roof. On this fan, round metal channels are connected to the kitchen, the shower and the toilet. For air extraction, the ventilation ducts are installed in the ventilation duct’s opening (adjustable) air ducts.

Different systems and products
We supply different products for central mechanical ventilation systems in homes. For every living situation we have an ideal solution to ensure an optimal indoor climate. Our program house fans consist of the following products:

  • Central ventilation units
  • Roof fans
  • Heat recovery unit

Heat recovery

Heat recovery is central to a balanced ventilation system. The heat recovery unit contains two fans: one to discharge polluted air and one to blow fresh air into the outside. Both air streams are led (separated from each other) by a heat exchanger. As a result, the air supplied is already preheated by the polluted air that is discharged before being fed into the house. This limits heat loss by ventilation by as much as 95% (NEN 5128).

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