Hot water

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First inventory and then install. For a hot water supply that perfectly meets your expectations, forward thinking it is of great importance. In case of new building or renovation, you should take into account a number of things:

  • How many points of hot water do you want to have at the same time? (kitchen, utility room, bathroom)
  • Do you have multiple bathrooms?
  • Is the dishwasher and / or your washing machine connected to the hot water line? (electric heating is more expensive than gas!)
  • Do you have a shower with or without side showers?
  • How big is your bathtub and how quickly should be full?
  • Your hot water supply only works optimal and safely if you choose thermostatic controlled shower and bath mixer taps.

Boiler capacity

The boiler is usually also used for the hot water supply. For hot water, you usually need a larger boiler capacity than for central heating. The brands Nefit, Vaillant, Itho, Bosch, Remeha and Daalderop have a vast variety so there is always a choice that suits your situation. Compact gas wall with built-in hot water supply combined with an indirectly fired boiler (in hanging or standing model).

We would like to advise you on the basis of experience, which is the best choice in your situation!


For the kitchen it is usually advisable to place a close-in boiler. In practice, a small amount of hot water is extracted several times a day and a lot of water is lost due to the so-called loss of lead (waiting time until the hot water finally comes out of the tap). By placing a small electric boiler in the kitchen cabinet you will avoid unnecessary loss of costly energy and drinking water.