Smoke gas condensers are designed to recover the latent heat contained in the¬†boiler’s flue gases by¬†condensing these flue gases, thus achieving an extra energy saving of up to 10% at rated load. (Provided that the flue gases can be cooled back to <50 degrees C)

Refrigerating the flue gases has an additional advantage, namely, when using the flue gases to teach CO2, the flue gases can completely blow the CO2 system without the need for admixture of colder air.

The most commonly used flue gas detector is a so-called condensate slider where the flue gases flow through pipes with lamellae, the heating water flows through these tubes, which will allow for optimal heat transfer.

In new installations, the flue gas sensor will be integrated with the boiler plants. In older installations or deviating boilers, the flue gas sensors will be placed loose behind the boiler.

Waterproof, the flue gas sensors are preferably connected to one or more low-grade heating systems such as underfloor heating or a separate pipeline grid.