CO2 Installations

For optimal growth and production of different vegetables and flowers, the use of co2 is applied, which can be done in various ways according to the following methods:

By blowing the combustion gases of the boiler through a fan and a distribution system in the greenhouse, this system is most used, the advantage is that it is relatively simple and inexpensive, however, a disadvantage is that energy must always be produced to allow to obtain the flue gases.

Applying pure co2, this is then delivered through a specialized company with tankers. The advantage is that the delivered co2 is very clean, a disadvantage is the high cost and dependence on the transport.

The third option, and this is especially applicable in South Holland, is the use of the OCAP network, through which a subterranean pipeline co2 is brought from the Europoort area to the affiliated farms. A big advantage here is, of course, that this co2 can now be used useful while it would otherwise be in the atmosphere. Blowing this co2 is usually done through the existing fan unit.

For the calculations of the co2 installations, we make grateful use of the know-how at Van Dijk Heating, a co2 calculation authority and supply of ventilation systems for greenhouse horticulture.