Heat storage

Heat storage is used to store produced energy at times when this energy is not needed and can be used again at other times. This applies, for example, to co2 dosing where heat is released while there is plenty of heat due to solar radiation. The heated water is then pumped to the storage tank via a pump system and brought back into the system later.

Also, heat storage can be used to sharpen (lower) gas contracts with an energy supplier, the burner installation will then be lower than the maximum required capacity and will last for longer if there is no heat demand, the storage tank becomes dangling as a supplement during the Moments that the burner installation can supply too little capacity than requested at any given time.

The use of heat storage tanks is also an important part of coal boilers and wood incineration plants, as these installations have a much smaller control range than gas or oil-fired installations.

Storage tanks are available in horizontal  (up to approximately 500m3) and in vertical versions (which can reach up to 5,000m3).