Garden centers

Haaring de Brabander b.v. has extensive experience in installing heating systems in garden centers, it is important that the wishes of the customers can be combined with the visual look of the relevant garden center.

After all, heating in a production company is still seen and used as a transport system. When using in garden centers, a heating pipe is often a disturbing factor and should be included in the environment as much as possible. Besides of the technology that applies here, there is also a lot of creativity, a feature that we like to share with our customers.

For example, many existing garden centers still make use of outdated boiler plant. Haaring de Brabander, is your partner to replace these highly energy plants for high efficiency boilers, which can be achieved through a cascade arrangement for optimal energy savings without compromising customers comfort.

If you are looking for the application of atmosphere heating in your garden center, you are at the right place.