Copia de radiatorMany homeowners and companies today are fond to replace their radiators. We therefore offer you a lot of possibilities within your budget and taste. Most homeowners have radiators that they prefer to hide behind a sofa. The wood / MDF decoration packages available in the building market reduce the capacity (heat output) of the radiator. In addition to the energy loss and the imbalance that is created in the installation, this solution also takes up the necessary space. Much better is to replace the radiator for the so-called high efficiency radiators. Also in the field of panel or decor radiators there are many possibilities. Warmth in the most beautiful form.

Radiators for different spaces

Consumers or clients have numerous options for making a personal choice. For every spaceradiator 2you will find something in your taste in our collection. Consider spaces like:

  • Hall
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathroom
  • Workshops
  • Commercial premises

Many models, sizes and colors are available. Radiators and convectors are durable consumables at your choice for many years. They are eye catchers and are part of your interior. The room is only finished with a special radiator.

Collection of radiators

You choose quality and good finish. Logical, especially because quite a few radiators of lesser quality are offered. We sincerely recommend Radson, Thermic and Jaga collections. The choice is not easy. In addition to quality, it is personal taste and, not to mention, the amount you want to spend. A nice radiator adds extra value to your home or workplace in addition to personal comfort.

Calculate capacity

In addition to the products shown on this site, you can find the total collection on the different websites of our suppliers. While viewing the site, you can find out which radiator and / or convector you like. The capacity you need for your heating system is best recommended by us as a HS-installers. Based on the choice you made, we can determine which type of radiator is most suitable for your situation.

The term Watt

You regularly encounter the term ‘heat release in Watt’. This refers to the power (capacity) that emits a radiator. The total of Watts of radiators and underfloor heating should be sufficient to ensure a comfortable comfort in your home without compromising high heating costs.