New boiler

A new boiler is the most common form of heating refurbishment. The life span of the boiler is about 12 to 15 years on average. The modern generation of boiler ensure a proper efficiency improvement. Investing in this, besides comfort improvement, provides a saving on your energy costs. Smart owners of installations will look for a replacement on time before the costs due to malfunctions increase.

Throughout the year you can contact us to do the replacement of your boiler. We recommend to replace your boiler during spring and summer. This are excellent periods because you are not in the cold weather and there is an opportunity to pay attention to your installation system. At the same time, it is useful to optimize your entire installation and, if desired, replace the radiators with beautiful ones.

The proper power of a boiler

It is very important that the new boiler has the correct capacity to keep and maintain warm the home or business space. In case of a too small a boiler, does not work or it is insufficient at those times when you need it properly. With a huge boiler the amount of energy is excessive. Have you made any extra isolation or are you planning to do it? Future plans such as a house construction or change in the family composition should also be included in the calculation. The best known and best selling boilers can be found for you with us.

HE boiler or IE boiler

It is not easy to determine which boiler is most suitable for your situation. There are two types of boilers. HE boilers (high efficiency) and IE boilers (improved efficiency). IE boilers are non-condensing, now a days are only placed if there is no condensation drainage or if the flue gas discharge would be an inhibitory factor. Due to the relatively low additional price in the high efficiency, the HE boiler is currently chosen almost exclusively.

Features of an HE boiler

HE boilers are condensing boilers. From the flue gases (combustion gases), the heat from the water vapor is utilized by means of a specially designed heat exchanger for the heating of the house. This explains that HE boilers are indicated with yields of more than 100%.

Quality for years

The modern He boilers are designed as closed devices. They extract the combustion air from outside, causing the boiler to become less polluted and thus less susceptible to interference. HE boilers are also very suitable for the hot water supply. Hence most boilers are combined with a built-in tap water or an indirect boiler (via the boiler). Adapted to your requirements, wishes, type of home and family composition we can provide you with an appropriate advice. In addition to our boiler and heating system advise, we are also knowledgeable regarding the matching flue gas drainage system and temperature control. We ensure a safe working installation!


Do you know that you are fully responsible for the technical state of your gas, water and electricity installation? Unfortunately, a large number of  owners do not perform any maintenance. A well maintained boiler consumes less fuel, it is safer and is less environmentally harmful. A heating system it is a first life requirement, do not wait until a malfunction occurs. Check your device on a regular basis (once a year) and plan in time for replacement.