Temperature control

Most homes have a thermostat placed in the living room. This can be a manual thermostat or a clock thermostat. These types of thermostats measure the room temperature, switch the boiler on / off or let the boiler burn higher or lower. By installing thermostatic valves on radiators (except for the living room), you can set the desired temperature per room.


Energy saving

Do not lower the temperature at night by more than 5 degrees because otherwise it will cost a lot more energy to get the rooms back to the desired daytime temperature. Too much reduction is thus incorrectly cut.

Weather-dependent temperature control 

The sun, a fireplace or many people in the living room where the thermostat is mounted will cause the system to be switched off. Other areas can therefore cool down properly. The most comfortable is the weather-dependent arrangement. This control measures the outdoor temperature by means of an outside sensor and ensures that the heating water is sufficiently hot to heat all grease racks. With a clock thermostat in the living room and thermostat cranes on each radiator (including living room), all rooms can be individually controlled to have a pleasant temperature. The clock thermostat (weather-dependent control) automatically controls the temperature at night.


In our modern times, communication via the internet is no longer impossible, and also this can be done with the heating in your home. Your house can be equipped with a thermostat which can be controlled via your Wi-Fi connection. Trough your smartphone you can regulate your heating anywhere in the world.  And even more, this kind of technology is able to detect malfunctions in your heating system. Analyze and solve a boiler without having to get out of your comfortable chair !!!

thermostaat 2