Haaring de Brabander b.v. has done larger and smaller projects across the world, there are installations in:

America, Belgium, Germany, England, France, Japan, Poland, Tasmania and Switzerland.

We are working with the following clients:

*Gebroeders Baan in Dirksland:

Extension of tulip nursery, a combination of HE boilers in cascade arrangement with air conditioning in the greenhouses and drying cells.


*Kwekerij Mulder Asparagus OG b.v. in Honselersdijk:

Expansion boxes with a combined heating system with extra low-grade system with the Geo heat.


*Tuincentrum Ockenburgh in Den Haag:

Expansion of the sale , garden, furniture and catering space.


*Rossen Rossel in Aegerten Zwitserland:

Customize existing installation


*Luiten Greenhouses b.v.:

Complete plantation for Leeds City Council

*Venlo Poland Z.o.o

Delivery heat storage tank

Advise and engineering in various projects